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Canadian National Championships 2018


Compete for a spot on Team Canada 2018 in this all-divisions Amateur MMA Team Selection Tournament.

April 11 - 13, 2018

Servus Sports Centre - LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA

PRELIMS: Wednesday, April 11th

SEMI-FINALS: Thursday, April 12th

FINALS: Friday, April 13th during Rumble in the Cage!

Tournament Registration: $95

Registration Deadline: April 5st, 2018

Status: Completed
Warpath MMA VI

MMA Johnny `Two Feathers` WILLIAMS 3-2-0, Final Round, Duncan BC vs. TJ WOODMAN, 3-1-0, Avalance MMA, Whitehorse at 145lbs Christian ALAART 2-1-0 West Coast BJJ vs. Miller ROGERS 3-1-0, Avalance MMA, Whitehorse, Yukon Territories at 155lb Brandon WOLKOSKY 4-0-0 Revolution Fight Team, Chilliwack, BC vs. TBA at 180lbs Wade APPS 4-0-0 Revolution Fight Team, Chilliwack, BC vs TBA at 195lbs Taylor SHELLEY 0-1-0 Revolution Fight Team, Chilliwack, BC vs. Dustin PARSONS 0-0-0, Mamba MMA, Abbotsford, BC at 125lbs Devin GAIPO 0-1-0 Mata Leao, Kamploops, BC vs Calder KARPES 0-0-0 BreakOut Martial Arts, Chilliwack, BC at 130lbs Ed CANUEL 0-0-0 vs Wally JOE 0-0-0 at 165lbs Andy PADDA 0-1-0, Mamba MMA, Abbotsford, BC vs. TBA at 155lbs Muay Thai David Daniels 0-0-0 Clinch for Life vs. Rob Michaels 1-0-0 Ostovic's Gym, Sechelt, BC at 145lbs Jamie Graff 0-0-0 West Coast BJJ vs. JohnnyThompson 2-1-0 Revolution Chilliwack, BC at 155lbs Bryan Tu 0-0-0 Clinch for Life vsTBA at 160lbs

Status: Completed
WarPath MMA - May 11, 2012

Perry Hayer defeats Bronson Petterson via DQ Round 3
Jamie Siraj defeats Johnny Bamford via Standing Guillotine 42 sec Round 2
Bryce Kilpatrict defeats Adirano Digiacento via KO 17 sec Round 1
Kamryn Winter defeats Leo Samarelli by Unanimous Decision
Jared Revel defeats Jean Allard via TKO (punches) 45 sec Round 1
Phillip Romanov defeats Austin Ensz via armbar 2min Round 1
David Moon defeats Cein Duigan via armbar 1:47 sec Round 1

Muay Thai
Johnny `Two Feathers`Williams defeats Claude Sanders via Unanimous Decision
Griffin Steele defeats Wally Joe via TKO 2min Round 1

Cori O`Halloran versus Roan Sampson - Draw

Status: Completed
Quest For Glory Fighting Championships 3 - March 2, 2012

Fraser Doditch defeated Wan Allard by TKO/RSC in round one.Eli Rooyakkers defeated Ben Smyth by submission (armbar) in round one.
Jamie Graff defeated Morgan Littlechild by TKO/RSC.
Oliver Vajda defeated Chris Tremayne by unanimous decision.
Brian Gull defeated James Guest Break by TKO/RSC.
Manvir Birk defeated Mike Hurley by submission (armbar).
Rico Brinson defeated Shinji Morito by TKO/RSC in round one.

Christiaan Allaart defeated Emilio Ditrocchio vs.
Featherweight MMA Title

Status: Completed
BFL 14 - February 24, 2012

Fraser Doditch def. Rory Bamber by TKO at 1:20, round 1.Kalen Johl def. Prince Mahey by unanimous decision.
Jesse Bird def. Andrew Payne by TKO at 1:24 round
Chris Anderson def. Curtis Harriot by unanimous decision.
David Kennedy def. Saeid Mirzaei by submission (armbar) at 2:03, round 1.
Chad Gerow def. Berent Hagen by TKO at 0:32 in round 2.
Stu Deleurme def. Chris Burnett by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:12, round 1(welterweight title fight)
Jeremy Kennedy def. Oren Hanscomb by submission (triangle choke) at 2:51, round 1 (featherweight title fight)
BFL 14 - February 24, 2012

Status: Pending
WarPath MMA - February 17, 2012

Brandon Wolkosky def Kolten Higginbottom to win WW title via RND 2 TKO
Rico Brinson def Miller Rogers via Unan dec
Mike Purewal def Arnold John via RND 1 TKO
Jamie Siraj def TJ Woodman via Unan dec
Ryan Rana def Jonathan Vincelette - TKO -could not answer bell for RND 3 (injury)
Austin Ensz DRAW Devin Gaipo in an exhibition grappling match
Chad Gerow def Simon Pregent via RND 1 :16 sec KO
Depak Fagurha def Todd Tolmie via RND1 Guit choke
Perry Hayer def Jared McCann via RND 2 Triangle choke

Status: Completed
Armageddon FC - Breakout

Main Card
Derek Medler def. Brian Grimshaw / Submission – Guillotine Choke / R1 /
Karel Bergen def. Dave Logan / Submission – Kimura / R1 / 3:11
Peter Nolan def. Paul Cheng / Submission – Arm-Triangle Choke / R1 / 4:06
Nathan Swayze def. Brad Robinson / Unanimous Decision / R3 / 5:00
Matt Trudeau def. Tristan Connelly / TKO (Injury) / R1 / 5:00 / Connelly dislocated his shoulder and could not come out for round 2

Under Card
Tyler Dolby def. Shane Jung / Submission – Rear-Naked Choke / R1 / 2:19
Jean Marc de Groot def. James Pratt / Submission – Armbar / R2 / 0:50
Craig McLean def. Blake McVittie / Unanimous Decision / R3 / 5:00
Dustin Porter def. Sanjeev Sharma / Unanimous Decision / R3 / 5:00
Johnny Williams def. Guy Gauthier / Submission – Rear-Naked Choke / R3 / 1:10
Dillon Brown def. Ron Pierce / Unanimous Decision / R3 / 5:00
Ty Daggis def. Joel Conway / TKO (punches from mount) / R2 / 1:21

Status: Completed
Seeing Red 3 - Live MMA

Main Card:
Victor Wang vs Saeid Mirzaei (for WCP Welterweight MMA title)
Oliver Vajda vs Jordan Manning (for Vajda’s Bantamweight title)
Josh Wright vs Alex Tribe
Eli Royakkers vs Ben Smyth
Rico Brinson vs Tom Finnegan
Brendan Kim vs Norm Nadeau
Christian Tremayne vs Radley Da Silva
Wan Allard vs Braedon Szablon
Bazooka Jojo vs Vaz Lep
Isak Vanbourgendian vs Toby Clearly (Muay Thai)

Status: Completed
Battlefield 11 - Payback

Main Event Adam Santos defeats Micah Brakefield at 22 seconds of the first by TKO Co-Mainevent Ash Mashreghi defeats Kolten Higginbottom at 35 of the first by tapout due to strikes
Main Card Levon Kinley defeats Dillan Brown at 2:05 of the second by tapout due to RNC Josh Lewis defeats Jeremy Peever at 25 seconds of the second by tapout due to guillotine choke Andy Marinos defeats Brandon Takahara at 2:20 of the second by ref stoppage due to TKO.

Preliminary Bouts
Steven Best defeats Alex Green by unanimous decision Sean Roche defeats Jason Noble at 1:05 of the first round by tapout due to Kimura Curtis Harriot defeats Lupine Wills at 45 seconds of the second round by tapout due to triangle Terrence Chan defeats Tony Nguyen at 2:52 of the second round by ref stoppage due to strikes

Status: Completed
WarPath MMA II

Main Card Brandon Wolkosky defeated Jean Allard by submission in round two. Stephan Brynjolffson defeated Luis Terrero by submission in round one. Johnny "Two Feathers" Williams defeated Carver Stewart by KO in round two. Grappling: Brendyn Reeve defeated Devin Gaipo by submission. Miller Rogers defeated Allen "Little Bear" George by submission in round two. Jamie Siraj defeated Taylor Shelley by submission in round one. Cliff Schultz defeated Tom McCormick by unanimous decision (3 rounds) TJ Woodman defeated Josh Williams by submission in round two.

Status: Completed

Main Event Jesse Taylor def. Clay Davidson via Unanimous Decision- Round 3 (5:00) Main Card Graham Spencer -No Contest- Roy Bradshaw- Round 2 Matt Baker def. Jose Cornejo via KO [mounted elbows]- Round 1 (1:02) Bruno Capdeville def. Shawn Albrecht via Split-Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) Ryan Chiappe def. Levi Alford via KO (ground & pound)- Round 1 (3:07) Marcus Aurelio def. Ken Tran via Submission [Rear-naked choke]- Round 3 (1:50) Mike Jorgensen def. Darwin Douglas via KO- Round 2 (2:26) Mike Hill def. Bill Fraser by Unanimous Decision John Elam def. Mike Ironside via TKO- Round 2 (1:09) Daniel Swain def. Tak Sassaki via Submission [Armbar]- Round 1 (1:48) Ryan Ballingal def. Dave Logan via Submission [anaconda]- Round 1 (0:59) Rachel Swatez def. Wendy Roy via Submission [armbar]- Round 3 (2:02) Amateur MMA Nick Ramsey def. Dwyane Ganderton via TKO [ground & pound]- Round 1 (2:36) Travis Petersen def. Morgan Bentley via TKO- Round 2 (1:06) Steven Best def. Jason Noble via Submission [Guillotine]- Round 2 (0:57)

Status: Completed
BFL 6 - Over The Edge

It was an intense night, and the verdicts came out strong. Dwyer, Kennedy, Mashreghi, Brunnette, Bird, Peever, Hyunh, Koch, Leslie, and Parent all came out victorious at BFL’s ‘Over the Edge’, at Vancouver’s Edgewater Casino. Playing to be a difficult opponent for Micah Brakefield, Matt Dwyer proved that wrestling could only get you so far in the sport of MMA. The two wrestled and grappled at moments in the fight, with Dwyer sneaking up for the win by rear-naked choke in the last twenty seconds of the third round. Beyond impressive however, was the co-main event between Jeremy Kennedy and Chris Day. The level of technical skill these two fighters exhibit never ceases to impressive fans, coaches, and everyone alike. Jeremy Kennedy kept the momentum throughout the fight, with some very impressive takedowns and striking against a well rounded Chris Day. Both fighters grappled throughout the fight, with very fluid transitions from strikes to grappling. Chris Day impressed fans with some notable reversals and near submissions. That was not enough for the judges however, who called the fight in favor of Jeremy Kennedy. The real question on BFL fans minds now however, is what is the next for Chris Day? With four losses against some very tough opponents, will Day stay and fight in this very difficult weight-class, or will he move a weight-class to ensure successful MMA career. Ash ‘the Smash’ Mashreghi did not fail to deliver an intense fight as always. With his built stature, Ash not only dominated his opponent early in the fight, but also actually impressed quite a few spectators with his elite level of boxing. Picking his shots careful and delivering them continually, Valiquette made a smart decision to not stand with Mashreghi and ended up losing in the first round via a key-lock arm-bar. Very respectable mentions also to Jeremy Peever, Chris Burnett, Jesse Bird, Tony Hyunh, Zach Koch, Alfred Leslie, and Mattie Parent. Special mention also goes to MMASucka’s Trevor Dueck, who although lost the fight to a very fierce Tony Hyunh, acquire the support from fans for his efforts. Main Event Matt Dwyer def. Micah Brakefield via Submission [RNC]- Round 3 (2:43) Jeremy Kennedy def. Chris Day via Unanimous Decision- (3x 29-28) Ash Mashreghi def. Andrew Valliquette via Submission [Keylock]- Round 1 (1:02) Chris Burnett def. Ben Cote via Unanimous Decision- (3x 29-28) Jesse Bird def. Jordon Howe via RNC- Round 1 (1:20) Jeremy Peever def. Rami Kadi via TKO- Round 2 (1:22) Tony Hyunh def. Trevor Dueck via Submission [guillotine]- Round 1 (1:47) Zach Koch def. Renfred Besarra via Referee Stoppage- Round 1 (2:29) Alfred Leslie def. Alex Green via TKO

Status: Completed
Seeing Red II

After the hugely successful "SEEING RED I" event on December 3rd 2010, West Coast Promotions, Canada's premier combative sports promotion company, is proud to announce the second installment of live MMA in Coquitlam with "SEEING RED II".This event promises to be memorable with three West Coast MMA Titles and one Muay Thai Title up for grabs. Red Robinson Show Theatre at the Boulevard Casino, 2080 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, BC Friday February 18th, 2011 @ 7:30pm (Doors 6:30pm) Main Event Murray Sogan def. Andrew Small by TKO at 1:32 of the 4th round for the West Coast Lightweight MMA title Co-Main Events Emilio Ditrocchio def. Rob Woodcock by Armbar at 0:58 of the 1st round for the West Coast MMA Featherweight title Oliver Vajda def. James Pratt by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) for the West Coast MMA Bantamweight title Joe Halfar def. Logan Martin by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-44) for the West Coast Muay Thai Middleweight title Sean Pallan def. Josh Mazerolle by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:15 of the 2nd round Walter Barrios def. Vaz Lep by TKO at 2:11 of the 2nd round Mark Sheane def. Brandon Shorter by KO (head kick) at 0:43 of the 2nd round Cheryl Chan def. Brittney Sluis by Guillotine Choke at 1:12 of the 1st round Saeid Mirzaei def. Bill Else by Rear Naked Choke) at 1:21 of 3rd round Victor Wang def. Jared Payne by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:37 of the 1st round Jesse Lambert def. Alex Houston by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:14 of the 1st round Jordan Manning def. Aaron Chin by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:43 of the 2nd round Dee Obaro def. Neil Scarisbrick by TKO at 0:25 of the 1st round Braeden Szlabon def. Mike Borden by Guillotine Choke at 0:34 of the 1st round

Status: Completed
BFL 5 - Duel

BFL 5 - Duel - January 15, 2011 Main Event: Gary Mangat wins by Unanimous Decision Co-Main Event: Jacen Brooks wins it by Tap out due to Strikes at 2:59 of the first round. Main Card: Jeremy Kennedy wins by Unanimous Decision Stuart Delerume wins at 31 seconds of the second round by submission (Rear-naked Choke) Adam Santos wins by TKO at 2:11 of the first round Marco Caffiero wins by TKO at 2:27 of the third round Ryan Christopher wins by submission (arm bar) 32 seconds into the first round Eli Wyse by KO 6 seconds into the first round Undercard: Leo Xavier wins it by submission (arm bar) at 2:17 of second round Jer Kornelson wins it by TKO at 8 seconds of the second round Ryan Allen TKO 20 seconds into the first round Tse wins it by 1:14 of first by guillotine choke Bird wins it by Unanimous Decision Tony Huynh wins it 11 seconds into first by KO Andrew Valliquette wins it at 2:35 of first by Rear-Naked Choke

Status: Completed
Seeing Red 1

Event Location: Red Robinson Show Theatre, Coquitlam, B.C. Main Event: “Tricky” Nick Marinos def. Shaun Devries via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 0:58 [for amateur welterweight title] Co-Main Event: Derik Mark def Mike Dupont via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Main Card: Stephanie Eggink def. Cheryl Chan via referee stoppage - Round 3, 3:34 Jonas Kwiatkowski def. Richard Evanochko via KO - Round 1, 1:55 Robert Palmer def. Jimmy Foster via doctor stoppage (too much blood) - Round 1, 2:02 Murray Sogen def. Alex Houston via submission (triangle choke) - Round 2, 2:23 Oliver Vajada def. Ronald Diaz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Under Card: Emilio Ditrocchio def. Aaron Chin via referee stoppage - Round 1, 2:09 James Pratt def. Abdul Majid via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) David De Jesus def. Nick Kitchen via KO (head kick) - Round 2, 0:28 Andrew small def. Russ McCumber via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 1:09 Walter Barrios def.Ryan Ince via submission (armbar) - Round 1, 2:16

Status: Completed
BFFL - Dwyer vs Njie

Main Event: Dwyer def. Njie by TKO (Referee Stoppage / Strikes), Rd. 3 [0:17] Co-Main Event: Deleurme def. Cote by TKO (G’n’P), Rd. 2 [1:19] Main Card: Brakefield def. Da Silva by Submission (RNC), Rd. 1 [1:45] Hanscomb def. Ince by Unanimous Decision [30-27 X3] Alvarez def. Gray by Unanimous Decision [29-28 X3] Kennedy def. Noble by Submission (Triangle), Rd. 1 [0:46] Undercard: Ditrocchio def. Leslie by Submission (Armbar), Rd. 1 [1:18] Kadi vs. Sharma Ruled A No-Contest (Unintentional Foul), Rd. 1 [1:32] Wise def. Lewis by Submission (Triangle), Rd. 1 [1:40] Koch def. Miskewitz by Submission (RNC), Rd. 2 [0:45] Boldo def. Bains by Split-Decision

Status: Completed
Battle at the River Rock II

Main Event: Brooks def. Zubor by Submission (Triangle), Rd. 1 [2:06] Co-Main Event: Lansing def. Orgill by Submission (RNC), Rd. 1 [1:03] Main Card: Storrs def. Day by Referee Stoppage (Arm Injury), Rd. 2 [0:25] Deleurme def. Kennedy by Split-Decision Mashreghi def. Dubois by Submission (Armbar), Rd. 1 [1:25] ruled no-contest in the 2nd round. Estremadura def. Lepage by TKO (Unanswered Strikes), Rd. 1 [1:08] Pangilinan def. Peever by Unanimous Decision Kernelson def. Ferguson by Submission (RNC), Rd. 2 [2:25] Peers def Beauchamp by TKO [Suplex], Rd. 1 [0:40] King def. Rodriguez by KO (Punch), Rd. 1 [0:07] Bentley def. Mule by TKO (Shots From Mount), Rd. 3 [1:47] Manning def. Littlechild by TKO (Strikes), Rd. 2 [0:50]

Status: Completed
Battle at the River Rock

Main Event: 140 lbs.: Gurdarshan Mangat def. Chris Day via split decision Main Card: 170 lbs.: Jacen Brooks def. Matt Dwyer via unanimous decision 231 lbs.: Adam Santos def. Tristan King via TKO 2:41 RD1 170 lbs.: Sean Zubor def. Nick Austin via split decision 199 lbs. exhibition grappling match: Kalib Starnes def. Nick Hinchliffe on points 4-0 170 lbs.: Nick Marinos def. Clay Ayres via TKO 2:33 RD1 190 lbs.: Justin Lansing def. Stefan Malyk via arm lock submission 1:05 RD1 170 lbs.: Marco Caffiero def. Sony Sahota via KO :20 RD1 145 lbs: Kirk Tse def. Dean Northup via rear naked choke submission 1:12 RD2 155 lbs: Alfred Leslie def. Tony Huynh via rear naked choke submission 2:24 RD1 135lbs.: Olesha Karringten def. Nadine Spuls via TKO 2:36 RD2

Status: Completed
The Final Fightdown

Event Location: River Rock Casino Resort Show Theatre: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, B.C. Main Event: (125lbs.) Cheryl Chan def. Sarah McLeod by Technical Submission (Fully Extended Arm Lock), Rd. 3 [1:13] Main Card: (170lbs.) Chad Gerow def. Jason Keller by TKO (Strikes From Mount), Rd. 3 [1:04] (127lbs.) Heidi Otterbein def. Lindsay Ball by Unanimous Decision. (Judges’ Scores Not Announced) (170lbs.) “Tricky” Nick Marinos def. James Lepage by Submission (Americana), Rd. 1 [2:55] (185lbs.) Bronson Peterson def. Shawn Hunt by Knock-Out (Punches), Rd. 1 [1:58] (145lbs.) Cam Deleurme def. Cole Tilbury by Submission (RNC), Rd. 1 [1:22]

Status: Completed
MMA at the Station

Main Card: Tak Sasaki def. Chris Day by Decision (Split) Matt Dwyer def. Sean Zubor by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 at 2:12 Devin Roller vs. Bryce Gougeon (Ruled no contest – eye poke in the second-round) Achillis Etremadura def. Andy Marinos by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2 at 1:00 Jacen Brooks def. Clay Ayres by TKO in Round 1 at 2:39 Nick Marinos def. Josh Lewis by TKO in Round 2 at 0:53 Gary Mangat def. Alfred Leslie by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 at 2:50 David Kennedy def. Jeremy Peever by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 at 1:17 Sarah Mcleod def. Olesha Karringten by TKO in Round 2 at 0:44 Mai Aung def. Adam Miskewitz by Submission (Armbar) in Round 1 at 2:31 Andrew Valiquette def. Tarik Alsasi by TKO in Round 1 at 0:11

Status: Completed
Honour Combat Championships

Main Card: Rysom McIvor submits Eric Ramsey by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:09 AJ Foulds defeats Abe Monte de Ramos by TKO in Round 2, 2:21 Nathan Swayze defeats Jer Kornelson by Split Decision Andrew Small defeats Andrew Cheyrie by KO in Round 1, 0:36 Roman Wheeler defeats Timothy Parker by Split Decision Jeremy Kennedy defeats Kurtis Klaterstone by TKO in Round 1, 1:28 Ryan Ince defeats James Pratt by Unanimous Decision Brendan Leong defeats Colton Miller by Unanimous Decision

Status: Completed