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Ontario Grappling Association

OGA is dedicated to developing Athletes, Instructors, and Referees in the sports of Grappling, BJJ, Pankration, Amateur MMA, and Muay Thai in Ontario.

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Oga Gets Full Recognition As The Pso For Grappling And Pankration

Toronto, ON: Mixed martial arts fans are ready to roll, now that pankration and grappling are recognized as amateur martial arts sports in Ontario.

The Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport awarded the Ontario Grappling Association (OGA), with full recognition as a Provincial Sport Organization earlier in November. This PSO appointment lifts a one-year ban that brought these combative sports to a standstill, benched athletes, and locked down tournaments, forcing some contenders to compete outside the province or go underground. Now that a PSO is in place, sanctioned events will no longer place competitors at risk for criminalization under section 83 of the federal criminal code.

More than your average fight club, the Ontario Grappling Association has been in operation for over 10 years. It is a not-for-profit organization, run by a board of: athletes, trainers and businessmen. As the sole sanctioning body for gi and no-gi variations of these amateur martial arts sports, the OGA is authorized by the province to oversee the development of athletes through the administration of competition. The OGA also wants to develop programs to increase awareness and accessibility in underrepresented groups such as; children, women and the aging population.

The sports of pankration and grappling, are technique-based martial arts with roots tracing back as far as ancient Greece. Blending wrestling, muay thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - grappling is both a form of self defense and a combative sport. It’s close cousin, pankration incorporates strikes and holds to take down an opponent in close range.

“It’s been a tough road conditioning athletes for a sport where they risked criminal charges for competing. The team at Ontario Grappling Association has worked very hard to provide the documentation needed to achieve the PSO which will permit the development of athletes, trainers and officials to advance our sport to the next level” said vice president of the Ontario Grappling Association, Jesse Richardson.

The first official event as sanctioning body will be held on Saturday, December 16, 2017. For information and tickets copy this link: bit.ly/2kIZ2wl or go to www.luta.ca

Track Your Performance - The Easy Way!

OGA recently published its Online Ranking System that allows its members to track their performance across a series of events and individually at each event.
All competitors receive points for their placement in an event sanctioned by OGA. These points are used to determine the winner(s) of the Fight Scholarship either at the event being held or at the end of the season, or both!
Rankings are tracked separately for each sport OGA sanctions. For example, BJJ will receive its own category of ranking athletes, NoGi Grappling will receives its own set of rankings, and the same applies to Amateur MMA, and Pankration.
An athlete can compete in multiple divisions and multiple styles in any given Tournament offering these options. A competitor will receive  points for each division he or she places in.
In order to track Fight Scholarship points, create your complementary online account as the first step to enrolling in these programs at http://www.splitdraw.com/ogamembership/createmyprofile.aspUp-to-date Competitor & Team Rankings as well as Fight Videos, and Tournaments Results are available through your OGA Online Account. Paid, full year OGA Members will also receive the OGA Fight Card. This card offers up to 305% discount on Apparel, Equipment, and more with our Membership Vendor Partners.
For any questions regarding the Fight Card, The Fight Scholarship, and the OGA Online Account, please email us at admin@grapplingontario.com.

Carlos Newton`s Next Fight Card Just Arrived - Get Yours

On August 16th, during The Canadian National Combat Championships 2014, all Competitors can pick-up a Fight Card as a part of their OGA Membership. For Competitors who have signed-up for the full year at past events this year, your Fight Card will also be available at the Brampton Soccer Centre on August 16, 2014 during the Championships.

Features & Benfits:
The OGA Fight Card enables our members to receive discounts up to 30% on Apparel, Equipment, and Services at our participating partner Fight Brands including:

- Street Soldier
- VVV Fight Co.
- Under The Gi
- Meanstreak Industries
- Hatashita International
- Form & Function
- SplitDraw

Please inquire with these fine brands for further details on their discount offerings.

Check often:
More Brands will be added throughout the year. As a part of the membership program, you are automatically enrolled in "THE FIGHT SCHOLARSHIP", tracked through your Fight Card identification on the OGA Online Account.

Create Your Online Account:
Be sure to create your complementary online account as the first step to enrolling in these programs at http://www.splitdraw.com/ogamembership/createmyprofile.asp. Up-to-date Competitor & Team Rankings as well as Fight Videos, and Tournaments Results are available through your OGA Online Account.

For any questions regarding the Fight Card, The Fight Scholarship, and the OGA Online Account, please email us a

The Fight Scholarship - Released By Oga

Ontario Grappling Association is delighted to introduce it's highly anticipated "The Fight Scholarship" which includes Pankration, Amateur MMA, Grappling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Scholarships.
We've been awaiting the launch of this program for over a year and are pleased to initiate our Scholarship program just in time for the Canadian National Combat Championships 2014 to be held on August 16th in Brampton, Ontario.
The Fight Scholarship is designed to inspire competitors to be the best they can be. To encourage what should be uninhibited motivation, OGA, through this initiative, is eliminating the pressure of training costs and allowing high performance competitors to unlock their potential.
Introduction of The Fight Scholarship would not be possible without the support of several new partners that have committed to specific financial donations in order to sustain the program. It was imperative that the long-awaited program was fully funded prior to its initiation. A few noteworthy commitments to action in this project include financial assistance by our long standing Martial Arts supporters, Street Soldier, Canadian Combat Alliance, Pecker'd Promotions, and other corporate sponsors to help students pay for martial arts training and provide them with the necessary training equipment. 
The Fight Scholarship also reaches out to local Training Centres and Gym Owners involved, and assists them in increasing their student participation. Furthermore, OGA has begun to provide additional resources and services for Clubs that have joined as mem

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OGA is dedicated to developing Grappling, Pankration/Sport MMA, and Amateur MMA.  in Ontario. Our goal is to facilitate growth of grappling through raising participation and the level of competition as well as certification of trained officials and coaches under the OGA guidelines.

OGA offers insurance coverage for members, and member clubs. We strive to enhance club convened events by providing help in any way; including promotion, registration and hosting.

Clinics are provided by the OGA for Officials interested in certification for  all the associated styles. Please check our links for Clinics to check for the next available session in your region.

Contact us for request on providing clinics and certified officials at your next event.

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